Sunday, March 04, 2007


my husband and I went to look at houses and one of them had trees lots of trees and with winter ending and spring on it's way the leaves are not on them just yet and I got to see the natural beauty of them. the shapes and all of the twists and turns of the branches all form a unique structure. I am amazed at how God created something so plain in the winter yet simply beautiful to see. one might think of a tree with all its leaves as being in all their glory but to me the bareness of them shows their true form and they are just there for everyone to see no where to hide the simple perfectness of the tree makes me think of life and the people around me. we as humans tend to "hide" from things that may make us uncomfortable. I know I do not like people watching me or judgeing me because of how I may look. God made each of us in his image and even though we are not perfect in our human form he sees us a beautiful each different and not one the same. kind of like the braches of a tree twisting in a different direction going another way from what we may have planned to form one people to glorify God and to Him it is pleaseing. I am going to miss the bareness of the trees the pure honesty of them but then as the season turns I can see the wonder of Gods work as we have a show of color. as we walk in life may we change for the good of God so that we can stand bare before Him and He can see us for who we truly are. Take some time to just look at the trees and see them in all of their beauty before the leaves.

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