Saturday, March 10, 2007

What are you afraid of?

Today My daughter asked mommy what are you afraid of? instantly a whole list of things just jumped into my head. but she then went on to say you are afraid of spiders and snakes is there anything else? Her being only 5 she would never have understood the things going on in my mind. I wanted to say yes lots of things. here they are.
my kids not loving me, us being homeless, not being able to make something OK, being a bad mommy, losing one of my parents, losing one of my kids, not being the way God wants me to be , not making it in to Heaven, dieing. but I could not say those things to a 5 year old. I know that even though I tend to yank the reigns back that God will watch over me if I give him the chance. I often have to release the controls so that God can direct my life in the way He wants it to go. I have fears but, I have confidences too. God is never late, God will carry me unless, I refuse to listen then, I will land on my ever loving bum in the sand. I also know that no matter what God will always win the tug of war. so If I can stop being human and let God do everything than I might be less of a mess but, I am human and I will always get in a hurry and end up covered in mud all over again. Lord Help me to rely on you and help me to trust that what ever happens you will take care of me. grant me mercy and give me wisdom. I am looking for you to bring the answers open my heart and ears to listen so that I can hear your still small voice. Amen

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Nadine said...

God is good and faithful...aren't we fortunate to know Him and rely on Him.