Friday, April 27, 2007

dream home

The house well so far it is not ours. Everything was going well and now well it is not. I have no idea what we are going to do far a home or if we will live in a tent. My faith is being tested and I do not think I am strong enough to pass this test. I am suposed to be out of this drafty house by tuesday we should have been moved two weeks ago. so I am dreaming of my dream home four walls a roof and windows and doors

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another new blog

I have a new blog called Daily gratefulness it is connected to this one and I will try to list 5 things to be grateful for everyday and I encourage others to write their gratefulness too. go to

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Desire of my heart

It is the desire of my heart to have more children. My husband does not want more I do not know if it is the fear of losing me( because I almost died with my daughter) or what. I saw two kids that are up for adoption and my heart just fell in love with them. I know that God is the one that will either allow it or not. I pray that if this is Gods will that He will change the heart of my Husband and open my heart just a little more too. I also pray that God would help my children to adjust to it with some ease. If this is not the will Of God then I pray that God will heal my longings for more children and fill my heart with the blessings and contentment of the ones I am honored and thankful to already have. Adoption is a big step and it is one I am willing to take. Any prayers and or thoughts welcome. Bless you all

My Husband

This is my Husband Rich. He is an interesting person. We do not always get along and over the last almost 12 years we could have split. I have to say that if I had not chosen to love him I would not be married now. I do not always like him but with the help of God I do love him. He can be selfish but what man isn't at times? and yes he thinks I know what he is thinking but I still like to hear it once in a while. When my cousin died he was there, when my mom had the stroke he was there. at my sisters wedding even though he hates crowds he was there. so even though I don't always say it my husband does care and support me even though I and he has changed. I just thought I would share.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

To throw or not to throw?

Memories sweet memories. I have been packing and sorting and throwing in the midst of all of this I am finding memories I had forgotten about. I have found some things that are ruined and not replaceable and others that brings back some nice things. The problem I am a pack rat in the biggest way so every Little thing I come across I am having to ask is it really that important. my basement has not been this empty in 4 years wow it is amazing what I have found that I forgot I had. I have had a friend helping me and it has made it easier but the papers Hunter made in preschool or a letter from a friend and all of my craft stuff that was hard but my new house has no room for it all oh the sacrifices we make. this week my kids had to give up their dogs and that was hard on me too. So they gave up something I can too. To throw or not to throw that is the question I chose to throw.

Happy Birthday to my husband.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Friends in low places

hey all it has been some time since I have been able to be online. Lots have happened since the last time I wrote. One thing though comes to my mind. I really do not like the "pretend" to be your friend thing when in reality they could really care less. I have a neighbor that seems really nice but, I think deep down inside well she is not. I have suspected this for a long time. I try to be a true friend I make mistakes and for those mistakes I try to make up for them. I am not perfect nor do I wish to be. anyway this "friend" I think is mad because of something I did. I will not get into that but, instead of talking to me she pretty much just ignores me unless I am outside and for general purposes she must say hi. I will be moving soon to my new house again another time for that I will soon be out of "my friend in low places" hair never to be heard from again. Freedom sweet freedom. I will relish the freedom.