Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Time stops for no one

There are times when I wish I could stop time! get your attention? I hope so, last night with My cousins husband on the phone we sent 3 balloons and a note to heaven. A special delivery to Becky. Yesterday was her birthday and since my daughter is sick I could not go to her grave and "deliver" my gift to her so last night Cole and I and my Husband did it together. We watched the Balloons until we could not see them anymore. As sad as it is I realized that It releases me from my hurting and I felt so much better doing it. Time is a thing that can not be wasted because we never know when it will run out. Share your love and laughter and see the beauty in the ones around you. Cherish the time you do have because Time stops for no one. God is there to pick up the pieces if we let Him but, sometimes we hold on and don't want to let go. As I have said lots of times Life is a puzzle that is only complete when we go home to see the Lord but, our puzzle is apart of another's puzzle and their puzzle is apart of someone Else's so see the puzzle is never finished it keeps on growing and changing and weather we know it or not we affect other peoples lives that we may not even know. So my advice Love God for ever, create memories to last an eternity, and tell someone you love them.


Reese said...

Good post.

Nadine said...

Very touching post. Thank you for sharing so honestly.