Monday, June 30, 2008

Friendship hall of fame

who would of guessed I would be in any hall of fame. I have to say I am truly honored and giddy and blessed to be chosen for it by my totally cool and steller (hehe) friend at kickin it in crazyville Reese and I have had so many adventures and maybe just maybe I might get my nosed pierced just for you. we made an agreement to do lots of things not all happened but thats okay one I remember is we decided that all of our kids will have two middle names mine do and I know two of hers does what about the little ones Reese? anyway thank you you made my day:) love you tons

Friday, June 06, 2008

Know and Tell Friday

.Who would you rather be for a day: your best friend or your worst enemy?
.Could you work with your best friend?
.Do you think it would be a blast or a nightmare to blog with a friend?
.Could you share an email account with any of your friends?
.You have a day to take a friend out and have fun. Describe the day.
.Could you switch lives with a good friend? What would you find to be better/easier/nicer than your own life, and what would be really difficult for you?
.Bonus Non-Friend Related Question:
Are there any of these products you might be willing to eat?

1. my best friend Reese from kickin it in crazyville
2. I think so
3. to share in something so fun as blogging would be a tresure to me
4. yeah I could
5. a sunny day with a picnic just the two of us at a park or the beach remembering old times and making plans for the future and making memories of all of it.
6. no I would never wish my life on anyone

7. no way

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hi it has been a while I am just checking in to let people know I am alive anyway I do not get to the computer as often as I would like anyway hey and TTFN Billie