Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gnilleps and Carcinomas

As I was helping my friend Shannon study for a test we came across some unusual words that could be misconstrued or turned around an used a different way with out anyone (unless in the medical profession) would know the meaning of. and then we or at least she told me about a word that I just love and I decided it would be a word I could use when I get frustrated with out cussing pretty cool huh? OH Gnilleps could be said if I stubbed my toe or if I wanted to I could say stop being a carcinoma to someone that was not being so nice. I know as Christians we should not cuss or say anything remotely close to cussing but as humans we are flawed and so something more often then not comes out of our mouths what I am interested in is this what do you say? what comes out of your mouth when you hurt yourself or someone is being less than nice I would love to hear your thoughts, and the different things that you come up with.


Mike said...

OH Gnilleps, huh? That's a good ... er, cuss phrase.

Have a great Tuesday (and Wednesday, too!)


Nadine said...

Ok...I say "dang" alot.

De said...

You must not play a lot of Cranium. Gnilleps is one of my harder categories! I suppose that would make it a cuss word!