Thursday, June 18, 2009

His strength is perfect

Life is not an easy thing to live with the frustrations and the stress. I have began studying the Bible to see if I can find ways to make things easier but, it all says the same thing trust God to provide. Trust a huge issue with me it seems I want it in my time and do not want to wait. not a good thing where God is concerned because He can out wait me anytime and I am still trying to learn that. As hard a lesson as that is it is one I NEED to learn. I live in a trailer and I hate it I know that when the time is right a home will be provided for us. Gods time not mine and no matter how much I kick and scream and stomp my feet it is ALWAYS His time not mine. Gods time is perfect. His strength is perfect when I am weak and I am stubborn and if I can just learn to so okay to God than maybe I will have peace.