Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I am Thankful

I like to think that I am in general a good person. sometimes I feel unable to live up to that expectation I have of myself. I understand that in life there is no perfect solution to anything but, I also have so many things I want to achieve. when I am unable to do something I feel I should be able to do, I feel like I let my family down but, on the other hand I am only human and if God wanted perfection there would have been no need to create such an elaborate life on this place we call earth and home. perfection comes only with one and He is the one that sees us as we truly are. I am not convinced that we even see ourselves as we truly are because we are still trying to find out who "we" really is. I am unsatisfied with how my life has been but if I was content then my life would be over. I am striving to find new things, new adventures new discovery into my life and just life in general. I watch people and I am guilty of seeing someone and maybe judging them before I even have the slightest clue as to how they tick. No I do not want perfection and I am not content to just live. I want to experience life and all it has to bring. the day I just lived has been incredible, almost as if I were on a natural high. God is good and he is truly wonderful and I am thankful to him for the things he has done for me. with out Him I would be in a place that is not so wonderful still wondering why I am here but, God has come through for me and I realize that I am truly blessed. I am thankful for my family and the opportunities that have come and, with that I praise the Lord for giving me the time to trust Him. I am not perfect and I do not want to be.

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The Vergori Family said...

Good post. I'm not perfect either, but I usually wish I was.