Monday, August 13, 2007

What is a Christian?

I asked myself the other day the same question and the answer that came to me was not quite the same as websters online dictionary.

Main Entry: 1Chris·tian
Pronunciation: 'kris-ch&n, 'krish-
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin christianus, adjective & noun, from Greek christianos, from Christos
1 a : one who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ b (1) : DISCIPLE 2 (2) : a member of one of the Churches of Christ separating from the Disciples of Christ in 1906 (3) : a member of the Christian denomination having part in the union of the United Church of Christ concluded in 1961

1a is a firm belief because the teachings is very important but, what you do with the teachings is where my opinion of the meaning comes in to play. I feel that to be a true christian not only do I need to believe in God but, I must strive to live the way He wants me to live. To be Christ like in every way, with EVERY aspect of my life the way I talk the way I dress and what I listen too. I know some claim to be a Christian but if we look at the way they live do they glow with Christ if I were to stand before God today what would He see? I am turning my life around I am praying and I am trying to live with Christ alive in my spirit. I want to have God say well done my good and faithful servant. Being a christian is not a thing or a club it is not "going to church" it is a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and allowing Him to shine through so we may witness and minister to those that do not believe, are hurting,down or are searching for something to hold on to. A relationship more personal then one we have with our spouses one so special that we can feel Him even if we do not always hear him. As people condemn Christians how wrong are they? can we truly stand up and say yes I am a christian and my life reflects it? Who is to say who is a Christian? Only God.

Friday, August 10, 2007

kids pick up more than we know

My daughter asked me the other day Mommy if you have another baby which one of us will you sell? My jaw hit the floor and I said neither of you so then she says you will love us all the same? and I said of course I will. she was quite for a sec then said it is a good thing you don't want more babies and I said I do daddy does not want more kids and again she says but, why do you want more since we are so hard to handle? again I was speechless and I was unsure what to say but, it got me thinking kids in general pick up on things we would never even considered them to even hear, understand or know. but to think I would sell my kids if I had another one is something I don't understand where she would have gotten that. kids pick up on frustration and I can see the second part but any thoughts on the first statement?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

to the future

I quit my job today! I have made the choice but it was doing it that was the hard part. I have done it for 4 years and today I am free from it and the headaches it brings. Now I am trusting God to lead me where he wants me to go. to provide and open doors and to guide me to the path I am to follow. at the cross road in my life I am feeling a little nervous. so I ask God to Take my hand and lead in hopes I don't drag my feet to much or end up with my bum on the ground with burns on it. I want to go back to school and get into the schools and be what I have longed to be a teacher. maybe not an official one but any teaching is going to make a difference in a life. When you teach you touch the future and my goal is this if I help just 1 I have made a difference. So here is to life and what it may Bring and to God with hopes of staying on two feet.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

hey I am back sort of

I have to say it has been a long hard journey that is yet to be over. my home is now a travel trailer and my computer is my friends computer. my job I am quitting for school I hope anyway and I am praying for God to make me a better person ,mom and wife today than yesterday and I think God is working I find my self responding to things differently than I normally would. so yes God is good and I am blessed.