Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Pastures Syndrome

Have you heard of it? well not many have it affects 1 in 2 million people it is an autoimmune disease that kills the kidneys affects the lungs and heart sounds bad well it is in October of 07 Kristina Aberle had 100% kidney function now she has none she is in need of a transplant. Krissy is 21 years old I work with her mom and I am heading up fundraisers to help the family with expenses Krissy gets dialysis every other day and the plasma is separated from her blood and the red blood cells put back in the antibodies in the plasma attack the kidneys and that is where she is now. A donation account has been set up in her name at Bank of the west. we had a car wash on Saturday and raised $1,357.42 only a drop in the bucket for the bills that are piling up all the prayer and support from anyone that chooses will be greatly appreciated. Krissy is not out of the woods she was released after 3 weeks in the hospital but she could still die if it gets to her lungs they will hemorrhage and there is not a whole lot they can do please pray for her and the family