Friday, December 01, 2006


It has been a long month. I am not sure I remember much except 1. I started writing my novel for nanowrimo very slowly at first 2. my cousin Passed away at the age of 33 and I miss her terribly. 3. I got up at an insane time to go shopping the day after thanksgiving. and 4. I won the nanowrimo contest among who knows how many other people. so my month was busy but those are what I remember about it. as we head in to the last month of the year I reflect on the last 11 months November is one down but what about the rest? most of the year has passed in such a whirlwind that few things come to mind for instance in June the end of it I was informed that I was not really buying my home and now I have to move. July well happy 4Th and happy anniversary to me 11 years. August I went back to work as a bus driver. September I got diagnosed with migraines that resembled brain tumors and boy did my life flash before my eyes although it turns out that I do not have a tumor but classic migraines with chronic daily headaches. and this 6 weeks after the original diagnosis. so now I know I am okay I still have to move but have no clue where and my Christmas list is almost done so even though I don't recall all of this year I have accomplished a lot and that is a good thing. so going into December remember reach for the sky love the ones you can you never know when you might lose one and always look to the future with anticipation not dread. I do not know where I will live but, as long as I am with my family I will be okay.

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