Monday, December 04, 2006

Tug of war

I have been thinking a lot about where I think God wants me to go and for some reason I am not able to figure that out. I have had times where I get in to no win tug of war with God only because my patience is somewhat short and I want answers now. although I think that God may like the tug of war because when we do end up in the mud and all dirty it brings life back in to perspective. we can wash the mud off and be okay but, we can not take back choices we make and admit it God will never end up in the mud because his will is stronger and more perfect than ours. so as we go in to this Christmas season think about what God wants us to do and not about what we want because it is a little cold outside to be getting all muddy .

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Reese said...

I had this wild epiphany a few days back: rather than worry about what to do with my life, I'll just DO WHAT GOD WANTS ME TO DO!

How's that for revelation?!

;) Reese