Saturday, December 02, 2006


I am sitting here listening to Christmas music and watching Bunny being tempted by Frederick and my son in the background saying No No and Bunny doing a tight rope walk across my keyboard and then a front flip. very talented cat that one. as I watch Frederick enjoying his nice clean home free from the smell and nasty build up he is swimming happy. I like my beta he is relaxing to watch when I can keep his two Nemesis's away Bunny and Beautiful Butterfly
both which are cats named by my children and Bunny is a boy. my daughter thought of his name he is her cat. my sons cat is a girl (thank goodness) and he thought of Beautiful Butterfly. both cats are big pains getting in to my plants knocking them down eating them and wanting Frederick almost as bad as Sylvester wants Tweety
but then at night when the curl up at my feet and sleep or unfortunately at my head I think this is nice. cats can also be fun to watch Bunny chases his tail wrestles with Beautiful Butterfly although she can hold her own. anyway I guess I got off my subject and Now I can not remember what I was going to write. oh well have a fabulous day and enjoy your pets as much as you can.

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