Monday, December 18, 2006

My grownup Chirstmas wish

I have only one wish this Christmas, that is for my family to have a place called home. I wrote a letter to Santa and asked him to forward it to God. someone asked me what my dream house would be and I said one that had four walls one to the north, south, east and west that was mine. I have been waiting and praying and hoping for about 9 months even before I found out I was not buying my house. the whole thing has been a mess for along time. the levels of stress and hopelessness overwhelming and yet I still have my dream of my home. so what I want this year my one Christmas wish is a home to hang my hat at and to call my own.

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Reese said...


I ask that you would give Billie her heart's desire for a home. Please give her the security and stability that a permanent home offers. If there is anything you want her to learn or take away from this experience of unease and uncertainty, may you reveal it to her now, so she can move on. Thank you for my friend, and her heart to follow you. Please bless her and her family this season and in the new year.