Thursday, December 14, 2006


It has been about1 year since the thought popped into my head this could be your last Christmas. I worried about it for about 6 months before I realized it may not actually happen. the thing is something did happen. and it got me thinking. was I listening correctly? was God trying to tell me at a point in my life to make things change for the better because I never know when He may call me home. my cousin died November, 2 2006 and it has put a real kink on my holiday. I have been thinking with all of the tragedies happening that no one could have for seen am I living the way God wants me to? am I asking your will and not mine? not always is my answer and trust me I am trying to change it so I can say yes I am doing the will of God. I have a mug that says "dear God I am ready to listen now" and that is my motto God I am here and I am ready to hear you talk to me. as Christmas comes I am hoping to spread Joy to those that really need it and with my new ears listen to the one who matters most.

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