Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This is for my friend Reese nananananana nananananana we still have snow. probably not for long but it is so nice to look out my window and see it and have snow days yeah. the thing is I think I am tired of my job it was not so bad when I had the route I started with but this new route with a new start time is kicking my everloving bum. my daughter has to suffer too because she has to get up when I do and go to work with me. frankly I really want to stay at home with my kids but the little money I get from this job helps. I am very frustrated with it all and so the snow gives me some peace that is why I asked God to pour it out and give us like 2 feet but that did not happen but that is okay I got some snow and some days off from the job I am beginning to hate so much. so here is three cheers for snow HIP HIP HORAY HIP HIP HORAY HIP HIP HORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reese said...

You'd better be glad you live so far away, cuz if I was there, why I'd.....

Wait. If I was there I'd have snow too. I guess you'd be safe then.

I'll let you brag at my expense, holding a magnifying glass up to your good fortune, but only because your my friend and I love you.

:) Reese