Monday, January 22, 2007


I have gone through my life meeting different people and some become friends and most don't. In college I met people that were my friends but now I have lost touch. in my adult life I meet people and I think they are my friends but find out differently. there is only 5 true friends I can say I have the number one is God he is the ultimate best friend. the number two is my very best friend Reese we have been friends going on 22 years gee that makes me sound so old. number three is my husband Rich we may not classify each other as friend but we are we may fight but we stick together and that is a true bond. number four is my friend C.J. she is one of a kind but a friend to the end. we live in the same town and don't see each other much but in a bind we are there for each other. and number five Becky our sons are best pals and we developed a friendship we are scout leaders and go to the same church. I have several acquaintances but people that now I don't think of as friend. I am tired of being hurt and having People talk behind my back. I am a trusting person and I tend to believe people are my friends but the realization is in life a few good friends are better than a lot of not so good friends. so here is to my 5 best friends in the universe. I love you all and I am proud to call you friend.


Reese said...

I value you as a friend, too and thank God we have stayed friends over the years.

yours truly B said...

I donot know what I would have done in my life with out your friendship. we have had tons of adventures and some rocky times but I always will be grateful for you.