Sunday, January 07, 2007

100 things about Billie

100 things about Billie

  1. I am blonde
  2. my eyes are blue
  3. I have two kids
  4. I have been married for 11 years
  5. I love to read
  6. I love egg nog lattes (decaf)
  7. I read a lot
  8. I hate house work
  9. I have two cats, two dogs and two newts
  10. I love to write
  11. I am a bus driver
  12. my real name is Billie
  13. I hate shoes and socks
  14. I love classical music
  15. I watch cartoons
  16. I love mystery
  17. I have another id on myspace
  18. my favorite color is purple
  19. I have a website called prayer journal
  20. I love german food
  21. I love to color
  22. I volunteer in a special needs class
  23. I know sign laungage
  24. I wrote a book
  25. I think to much
  26. I love to dance
  27. I love to sing
  28. I read to my kids
  29. I have a beta named frederick
  30. eeyore is my favorite winne the pooh character
  31. I watch walker texas ranger
  32. I love ginger peach tea with french vanilla creamer
  33. I make awesome cheesecakes
  34. rose is my favorite flower
  35. Honeysuckle is the most beautiful smelling flower
  36. I do not drink much pop any more
  37. I like candles
  38. I wish on the first star
  39. I wrote a letter to santa
  40. I love to challenge my brain
  41. I listen to the phantom of the opera
  42. I love trucks
  43. I want a motor cycle
  44. I like to ride horses
  45. I read my friends blog for fun
  46. I hate fish
  47. I am allergic to clams
  48. I laugh at drunk people
  49. I like to take pictures
  50. I jump on the trampoline
  51. I love to stop and smell flowers
  52. I like to go for walks
  53. I love to swim
  54. I wear glasses
  55. I wear contacts
  56. I dyed my hair burgundy once
  57. I love the beach
  58. Christmas is my favorite time of year
  59. I have anniversaries of my 29th birthday
  60. I have 4 neices and 5 nephews
  61. I am to loyal sometimes
  62. I have had my best friend for 21 years
  63. I hate cabbage
  64. love sour kraut
  65. I like death by chocolate ice cream
  66. I love home made jam
  67. I want to learn to water ski
  68. I am my sons cub scout leader
  69. I am into country music
  70. I can not draw
  71. I love to paint
  72. I see people and try to see all the good in them
  73. I jump in leaves
  74. I love water fights
  75. snow is my favorite thing to play in
  76. I like yatzee
  77. I do not like risk (the game)
  78. I want to start a resturant
  79. I have been in a plane
  80. I went to college
  81. I wanted to be a teacher
  82. I watch clouds
  83. I like bubble baths
  84. I like to go 4 wheelin
  85. I want to own my own house
  86. I love to laugh
  87. I play video games
  88. I like skunks
  89. I like kareoke
  90. I kill my house plants except bamboo
  91. I go to church
  92. I love to share with my friends
  93. I bbq all year round
  94. I lived in a town called Dufur
  95. I am tickleish
  96. I blush
  97. I love my family
  98. I blow kisses to my son when he gets on his bus
  99. I collect wind chimes
  100. I get migraines

this was tuff but I did it can you?


Word Imp said...

Great list. I like the fact that it's concise. Short sentences. To the point. I love karaoke too. However, I suspect it's not that good for the listeners. I always thought I was okay on karaoke but at a karaoke Christmas thing with my family I overheard a really good singer saying to her friend that she thought my daughter might ask for ear plugs from Santa! Fortunately, I'm old enough to have found it more funny than offensive. However, I have such a good self esteem that part of me still actually thinks I must have misheard her! You are the only person I've ever told that story to!

Word Imp said...

I've done it! It's on my "More Beautiful Things" blog if you want to read it. Thanks for the joint inspiration with Heather, Reese, etc.

Reese said...

Tim bought me a bamboo wind chime when he was in New Orleans. I love it. Such a pretty sound.

German, depends on what it it!

I loved the movie version of Phantom of the Opera.

Love ya!

yours truly B said...

word imp i commented on your 100 things we have some things in common