Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thanks be to God

I am keeping this short and sweet but I have to say how good God is unfortunately we live pay check to pay check and it gets tight especially if I don't work. but today I went to check on my bank account to see what is going through and so on and I had way to much money in there and I started to worry my insurance did not take out my payment so I called them and asked. what I was worried about is my loan going through and then no money for my insurance because my loan is due Thursday. but low and behold the insurance company stopped all auto pays due to weather and the chance the people may not get to the bank but they. offered two choices one of which I jumped on either do a check over the phone which takes forever or pay it over the next eleven months the latter I took so I was able to pay my loan early and have a few extra dollars for gas and the pay check this week can go to putting me ahead on other bills I am thankful to God for providing a way to do it.


Reese said...

Praise God, Billie! Isn't God good?

Nadine said...

God is good.