Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 things

I got this off just another day in Paradise thanks
2 things you like: snow and sun
2 things you hate: fighting and mold
2 things you want right now: home and property
2 things you want in life: love and God
2 things you are doing right now: blogging and thinking
2 things you'd rather be doing: reading and sitting in the sun
2 things you hear right now: heater and typing
2 things you smell right now: clean air ........
2 things that are right in front of you: computer and slide screen
2 things that are behind you: computers and people
2 things that make you happy: kids and books
2 things that make you sad: fights and death
2 things you think will happen tomorrow:work and cold
2 things you know will happen tomorrow: go to work and go home
2 people you will tag: whoever wants to and those that dont


De said...

Thanks for playing. I hope you had as much fun with this as I did!

Nadine said...

Good one. You did a good job.

Reese & Heather said...

I did it!!! Come see.


jennifer said...

I like this - very simple and staight to the point. Jennifer

Demara said...

Wow B those are all really good ones!