Thursday, April 12, 2007

To throw or not to throw?

Memories sweet memories. I have been packing and sorting and throwing in the midst of all of this I am finding memories I had forgotten about. I have found some things that are ruined and not replaceable and others that brings back some nice things. The problem I am a pack rat in the biggest way so every Little thing I come across I am having to ask is it really that important. my basement has not been this empty in 4 years wow it is amazing what I have found that I forgot I had. I have had a friend helping me and it has made it easier but the papers Hunter made in preschool or a letter from a friend and all of my craft stuff that was hard but my new house has no room for it all oh the sacrifices we make. this week my kids had to give up their dogs and that was hard on me too. So they gave up something I can too. To throw or not to throw that is the question I chose to throw.

Happy Birthday to my husband.


Nadine said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby. Good luck with the clearing out of stuff.

yours truly B said...

yeah I need it. this is a big step for me getting rid of stuff I have had for years so my home can be somewhat clutter free. although haveing helpis always good.