Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Friends in low places

hey all it has been some time since I have been able to be online. Lots have happened since the last time I wrote. One thing though comes to my mind. I really do not like the "pretend" to be your friend thing when in reality they could really care less. I have a neighbor that seems really nice but, I think deep down inside well she is not. I have suspected this for a long time. I try to be a true friend I make mistakes and for those mistakes I try to make up for them. I am not perfect nor do I wish to be. anyway this "friend" I think is mad because of something I did. I will not get into that but, instead of talking to me she pretty much just ignores me unless I am outside and for general purposes she must say hi. I will be moving soon to my new house again another time for that I will soon be out of "my friend in low places" hair never to be heard from again. Freedom sweet freedom. I will relish the freedom.


Nadine said...

Sorry for the hard time. I'm glad you're back. Hope you have been well.

De said...

I sometimes think that I am probably one of those people who others see as not caring because I don't go out of my way to say hi or ask them personal questions because I was taught not to intrude where not invited. In fact, I rarely call someone because I don't want to intrude but I love to have others call me. I really try to stay involved with those around me, but to be honest, I don't do a great job because I am also pretty private (which people find wierd because I blog) and because I have probably gone through the worse year of my life with no end in sight but a total of three of my friends even know (not that I have talked to them more than once about my ongoing situation). I can tell you are a very compassionate and caring person and I'm sure you live by the motto I live by--Be kind to everyone because everyone is having a hard time. It helps me to remember that others are hurting as deeply as I am, even if they don't show it.
Blessings to you,
ps-Email me if you need someone to talk to or just have someone listen. sorry for the LONG comment

A Woman Who is: said...

Hey Billie,
I have been wondering where you have been. Have missed you in blog land.

Hope things get better.