Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the future

Thinking about all that has happened in the last year can be a little depressing. although if I only think on those things I loose sight of what is truly important such as the Blessings of Family, a roof over my head (even a travel trailer) food for the table and a pillow for my head. the stress in my life has been high and the low feelings keep creping in but somehow I manage to just breath and make it through what ever is my issue at the time. it is funny how as humans we always have issues about one thing or another and we can take them and run and loose complete control. yes I want a real home I would love to be skinny and yes I would love to stay at home and be mom I would love to not have money problems but they are there and ignoreing them is not a solution that will work so as I look to the year ahead I am hopeing for change planning for the future and praying it all pans out in the end Happy Holidays everyone

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Nadine said...

I pray that this new year will bring about new hope, new dreams and new blessings for you and your family.