Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This is Good Bye!

well my friends as the countdown continues my time left with you is short. after tomorrow I will be gone for a while. I am not sure where I am going as to I will not have a home and I am not sure when I will be back if I do get back. My computer is going to storage and I and my family will be seeking shelter. I really enjoy blogging and meeting new people and I know that life will go on even if I am not online. someone asked what my dream home would be and this is what I told them. A home that has four walls a roof and a sound floor one with no broken windows and a door. a wall that faces north south east and west. no particular color is needed as long as it protects. So long for now and thank you for coming to see me off!


Nadine said...

I pray that your situation gets resolved and you and your family find a home. Please let me know what happens. Father provide for this family and keep them safe.

Reese said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Billie.

I love you.